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How to optimize both internal and external website optimization?

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10 years ago, seo was not that important. The concept of Internet implementation is not very natural. It relies more on word of mouth to improve traffic. When the Internet bubble just passed, Google was just a funny and useful thing. Few people would think of finding a battleground that will become a website competition.

With the emergence of the investment environment and the emergence of Web2.0 trends, the Internet is constantly emerging. Many people rely on one idea to get rich overnight. At this time, people find that for the website, the user’s attention can be transformed into unlimited value. However, the user’s attention is not unlimited, and a variety of ideas distract people’s attention. Unlike the early days of the Internet, even if you have a genius idea, if most users don’t find it, it’s hard to stand out from the crowded website. At this moment, the outstanding person who appeared in the search engine.

The search engine is so important in the modern Internet that its ranking directly affects how much attention the site can get from users. SEO webmasters, if you don’t pay attention to the ranking of the site on the search engine, it’s hard to succeed; on the contrary, sites that are well-suited to the search engine can often accumulate users and traffic quickly. Therefore, the current webmaster not only needs to consider whether the content of the website attracts users, but also whether the website is friendly to the search engine and whether it can obtain an excellent ranking on the search engine. This is what the website should introduce. SEO is not a very strict skill. It is usually a summary of experience. Because the search engine ranking algorithm is usually a black box, we can only go through some successful practices to summarize which behaviors can improve the function of the website in the search engine ranking. In this sense, SEO contains more useful experience and skills, which is the site’s foothold, extracting practical optimization solutions from years of SEO experience, although they sometimes seem to be very sporadic, but in Very useful in practice.

We think that SEO is a process from the inside out. First and foremost, we need to carefully plan the structure and content of the website. Second, we need to engrave some of the surrounding elements (such as keywords, links, etc.). At the same time, SEO is a multi-faceted practice area. It has both recognized and useful methods and a common swordsmanship. It should be noted that SEO is not cheating. The ideal SEO should be friendly to both the user and the search engine. Therefore, readers should not feel lucky in the process of learning SEO. Don’t expect to be damaged by SEO optimization. Instead, you should use SEO to better understand the content and process of your site.

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