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How to judge whether a website is over-optimized?

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With the rapid development of the Internet, people’s lives are now inseparable from the use of the Internet. With the birth of the Internet+, all walks of life have also established their own corporate websites, using the convenience of the Internet to obtain more resources and opportunities. Everyone who knows the website knows that website optimization is needed after the website is built. Keyword ranking optimization, SEO search engine optimization and more. Website optimization is not just a matter of doing it. Therefore, it brings a lot of pressure to professional seo optimizers, and the algorithms of search engines are constantly updated and adjusted to maximize the user’s needs, because many When people optimize the website, they will be at a loss, causing the website to be over-optimized. As a result, the website has been downgraded. So what should we do to not optimize the website?

First, is there a lot of meaningless anchor links at the bottom of the site? Some seo optimization experts think that keywords are anchored at the bottom of the site and linked to the home page, called secondary navigation. But many people don’t agree with this idea because it is based on the main navigation type of the website, and the link to the home page at the bottom will affect the user experience. On the same page, if there are multiple texts, the links are the same, and the weights will only be passed once. Duplicate links don’t add weight, so if there are some meaningless anchor links at the bottom of the site, it means that the site is over-optimized.

Second, the title of the website, the keywords, and the suspicion of whether there is a keyword pile up. I believe that many people will make these mistakes when they first come into contact with optimization. They repeat the keywords in the title or on the keyword label, thinking that this can optimize the keyword ranking and bring the website to the front. Ranking. This approach is no longer suitable for current website optimization. The update of search engine algorithms has classified this phenomenon as over-optimization. If your title has a lot of keywords, then the search engine will think that your site is cheating.

Third, whether the internal links of the website meet the algorithm requirements of the search engine. Some pages in the website have higher weights because many webmasters place a lot of keywords on these pages and want to pass the weights better to other pages. High-weight pages are best controlled within 10 when building the inner chain, and the location should be reasonable. The relevance of the inner chain should also be noted, because unrelated links can spread the weight of the page and affect the user experience.

Fourth, is there a large amount of spam links in the website? Many people publish a lot of links every day when optimizing their websites, and some of these links are spam links, which are useless for the development of the Internet. After a long time, the website will be downgraded. The impact of too many spam links on the site is very serious.

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