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What preparations do you need to do before you do website optimization?

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Website optimization novices may find it a bit difficult to do website optimization, but Xiaobian tells everyone that as long as you are ready, it is very simple to make a website of your own. You must know yourself when you are ready. What is the general content of the website, and what kind of style you want to have, so it will be much faster to make. It is easy to think that this is the most important step. When you think about what kind of website you want to do, Once we have everything ready, we can start.

To optimize the content and style of your website, you should start to prepare materials to match them. For example, some people make websites to promote their products. Then the content must be explained by the product, the picture of the product, the video of the product, etc. Others make websites to promote their own ideas, so you can write down your own ideas, match the pictures related to them, and others make websites to record your mood, record your own logs, record your own itinerary, etc. This is rich and colorful, you can record what you want to show to others as you like. In short, the first thing to prepare is the materials related to the website.

What tools should be used for website optimization to optimize the website theme, and the relevant content of the website is also collected. What tools can the website use?

Xiaobian tells you that there are a lot of tools for making websites, so you have a lot of choices, but for the newcomers to create a website, it is better to choose Front Page Express, it is easier for novices to quickly create the website they want, and Front Page Express It is free. To do website optimization, including the above steps, everyone is ready, then you can start designing the page layout of your website. First, we have already determined our own style and content, so we should consider these when designing the layout, so There is a holistic style that can’t be messy and unreadable. So what do you want to make? Novices, we must first design a website with a title. This is very important. The title should match the content of your website. The title is designed to be a directory. Just like the book directory, you should be clear and concise. The content, then the home page of the website and your own information, is complete with your website. Introduced the process of website optimization. In fact, it is very simple to introduce a website that is very simple. Everyone can simply try it.

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