The use of common H-weight tags in website optimization

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The H tag is a type of tag that emphasizes the text title in the HTML of the web page. The tag h1 h6 defines the size of the six different characters of the title header, and the essence is to present the content structure. There are 6 pairs, the text is from big to small, which shows the decreasing of importance, that is, the weight is reduced in turn.

The role of the h tag Each tag in the HTML has its own meaning, and the h tag as the title tag, the meaning is even more crucial. (1) The h tag intuitively tells the user which part of the page is important and which part is not so important. Heacling tags are often used to show the user the structure of a web page. Since heading tags usually make certain words larger than normal text, it is easy for users to visually understand the importance of these words and help them understand what is under the heacling text. A variety of gradient size heading starts by creating a hierarchical structure for the content of the webpage, which is convenient for the user to intuitively browse the website, and (2) the h-tag guides the search engine, and what is important content in the webpage. For search engines, the main meaning of the h-tag is to tell the search engine that this is the title or theme of a paragraph of text that plays an important role. The weight of the H tag will be higher than Strong.

Therefore, in search engine optimization, the use of h tags is very important. Because the search engine needs to understand what it is written in a pile of text, it also first looks for the title of the article according to people’s reading habits. On the article page, the content title is h1 tag optimized to highlight its importance. Prompt search engine.

Note: The h1 tag is an annotation for important titles. If it appears frequently, it will affect the search engine’s judgment on page quality. In the related articles of the article, the important column name is h2, and the article title is h3. The three labels H4, h5, and h6 are generally used less frequently, so h1, h2, and h3 can be used. Proper use of the h tag can bring good results to the site. If it is not used properly, it will adversely affect the website, and even lead to K station.

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