How can the website seo process avoid over-optimization?

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Since the search engine has improved the crackdown on optimization and over-optimization, I heard that many webmasters are being punished for over-optimization. Although everyone wants their website to get up quickly, they should also master the optimization process in this process. To avoid being mistaken for over-optimization. Sharing something that would be considered over-optimized.

There aren’t too many external links released every day. Since the over-optimization is mainly to prevent the machine from cheating, it is better not to send too many external links every day. Because people’s work energy is limited, it is impossible to send too many links. The signature link of the proportional forum has also been considered as a cheating behavior. Replying to the link and responding to others will generate an external link. This method is easy to generate a large number of links.

Soft text outside the chain group caused excessive optimization. Advertising soft text outside the chain blog, B2B platform for mass distribution will cause excessive optimization and cheating. Although it is not easy to write an article, it is better not to be too dense in a time period to actually be sent out in a time period, so as not to be judged as a group of machines.

Avoiding a single link External links should not all point to the home page. It is also an over-optimized behavior to properly assign the links of external links. A reasonable external chain strategy is to point the outer chain to a valuable inner page, and a large number of well-experienced inner pages focus the weight on the front page.

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