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In seo optimization, website keywords are one of the key points of optimization. It is necessary to increase the density of website keywords. Let’s share the method of increasing keyword density. Let’s learn together.

The navigation bar is the most central location on the homepage of the site, and it is also a site anchor link that users often click on. In this position, the core keywords of the website are laid out, and the keyword density is improved, the keyword ranking, and the core page are greatly helped.

List page list page title, keyword, description, list home text, classification, introduction, description, bottom, etc. can be set.

The details page details page is a single page where you can place core keywords in the middle of the content.

When the article information title suggests writing an article, the article title should be brought into the core keywords to be optimized as much as possible.

In the first 100 words of the article information content, the core keywords should appear in the first 100 words; then at the end, the core keywords will be brought again.

At the bottom of the website is the bottom, you can set the bottom navigation, fill in the core keywords. You can also put in the core keywords by introducing the text at the bottom.

Each tag of the tag tag will be filled out before the release of the article. At this time, you can also fill in a core keyword.

Since the inner chain keyword is the core keyword of the main game, when the internal keyword anchor text is made, the core keyword is of course the first choice. Remind that the anchor link of this keyword must point to the page with the strongest relevance to ensure that the user has a good experience.

When the anchor text of the friendship link reminds you to make a friendship link, you must remember to use this core keyword to link the anchor text. All of these methods can improve the density of keywords on the website, and help to optimize the website. It is recommended that you pay attention to the density of keywords, which will greatly help the website optimization ranking.

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