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How to conduct website analysis before seo optimization?

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Websites need to do a good job in all aspects of the website before optimization, but do you know the skills and methods of website analysis? Let’s take a look at it below. Teach you to analyze website skills.

Analyze website traffic analysis Website traffic is one of the ways to see if SEO optimization is effective. Keywords are used to get a lot of conversion traffic, and analyzing the source of traffic can help to effectively plan the next work.

Target keyword analysis In general, the website must be properly positioned for the target keywords in the initial stage of construction, what is reasonable? Through competitor analysis, keyword placement, analysis of the relevance of websites and keywords, prediction of keyword rankings, and so on. It is necessary to do a good job of keyword analysis, such comprehensive comprehensive analysis is effective.

Detection of the inclusion, the growth of the external chain Use the search engine command to check the overall situation of the website, such as site: website domain name, this is to check the website’s inclusion; domain: website domain name, is to check the pure text outside the chain. In addition, you can use the Webmaster Tools or Google Admin Tools to view the site.

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