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How to analyze English competitors in SEO

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If you want to make your website the ultimate, I hope you read the following article carefully. Every time we get involved in a new product, we will sort out the better companies on the Internet according to the services provided by the customers, then analyze them, and evaluate whether we can go beyond it. They have done Which channels, each company’s advantage on the Internet is embarrassing. We integrated our analysis and developed an English seo strategy that goes beyond our competitors.

Analyzing competitors is a crucial step in our English seo. By analyzing our competitors, we can clearly understand the gap between us and our competitors and how much competition we have in the industry. By analyzing competitor data, we can quickly find more effective keywords, better external links, and we can achieve better results through those channels. We can determine what kind of content we need to do beyond them and how much better quality resources are needed.

The first step: identify your own keywords and find out the English seo competitors who do the same service. Take the laser cutting machine (laser cutting machine) as an example. We searched in the US Google to find out the peers in the top 20 stations. If a word we find too few competitors, we can replace other products of our products to find, laser cutting machine replaced with laser cutter, continue to find peer websites, try to organize more than 10 peer websites.

Analyzing competitors

The above method is to find a competitor by hand. Of course, we can also view competitors in semrush or competitors in ahrefs. This is the case where your website already has target keywords in the top ten, you can use it. If the website does not have any data, it is recommended to manually search in google, pay attention to the use of Google in the United States.

Second: choose a competitor to analyze. In the actual operational analysis, we try to analyze all the competitors. Here we only take as an example

1.Check the domain name age: Use to check the domain name age, and the expiration time, let us know. How many years has the competitor website been? Old stations are generally difficult to surpass, and the new station is relatively better than some. The age of the domain name, when it has expired, is also an important factor in Google rankings. The longer the time, the better.

2.View the history of the site,*/ Through the website time machine we can probably analyze what kind of homepage is probably done in each period of the website. When buying old domain names to do weights, this tool is more suitable for us. However, he can roughly analyze the development history of the website and the history of product development.

3.Check the website collection and the content of the website. Using, the following picture can clearly see the 5550, multi-language second-level domain name, carefully look at the content of the website, each page from the design, to the text expression, do very refined .View the website directory, website architecture. When looking at competitor websites, especially foreign competitors. It’s best to look at the overall architecture of the site, that is, in terms of logic and page design, how do competitors make their products, companies, or services clear to customers. How does your own website differ from competitors in terms of expression logic and content material.

traffic overview

5.View website traffic data:

(1) Use to view website traffic data. Use this tool to see how much traffic the competitors have each month, how long the average stays on the site, how many pages have been read, and how many When people come in, they will leave. Through these data, we can set the assessment criteria for online marketing. And the operational goals of your own website.

(2) View competitor traffic data through semrush. Regarding the semrush analysis of the opponents of the competition, I have written an article before, and interested students can. Take a look at our WeChat public platform history article. Through semrush, I also mainly look at the estimated traffic of the accurate opponent seo. How many gaps do we have, if you have experience, you can estimate the number of competitors’ monthly enquiries based on the precise word position, competitor traffic, and industry product conversion rate.

In the end, what we need to do is to evaluate what kind of video, articles, and other materials are needed, and how many resources need to be done outside the chain. How to do other promotion channels, think about the advantages of integrating these few competitors. Constantly optimize and adjust, sooner or later you will become the industry leader in online sales.

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