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What is a Technical SEO?

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What is a Technical SEO? Technical SEO is called technical SEO in China. It refers to optimizing your website during the crawling and indexing stages to facilitate search engines to access, crawl and index. It is called “technical” SEO because its main job is to optimize the infrastructure of the website, which is generally used in the construction phase.

We often refer to Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. What is the difference?

Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO is the most important part of the entire SEO process. Technical SEO is mainly in the stage of building a website, ensuring that we have a website architecture that conforms to the SEO standard. This is a foundation. On-page SEO is what we usually call page SEO optimization, which is mainly to optimize the content of a particular page to ensure a higher ranking on the search engine. Off-page SEO is what we often say for off-site drainage, mainly through external links, to pass weights and traffic to the website, and to improve the ranking of the website.

three kinds of Seo optimization type
Seo optimization type

As shown in the above figure, there is no obvious boundary between the three, and only the collaborative work can achieve the best optimization effect.

So where do we optimize our website to avoid the problems that arise at the beginning of the article? You can step through or improve your website by following these suggestions:

Pick the right domain name and server

If you want your website to be accessible, you must first have it and the server. So, how can we pick a domain name and server that meets SEO optimization needs?

The selection of domain names requires adherence to several principles:

It is recommended to use brand name, industry, product keywords as the preferred domain name.
The shorter the better
Avoid trademark infringement
Easy to read and enter
Avoid numbers and hyphens
Prioritize the target area. If it’s a global website, try to choose .com, .org and .net
Check the domain name history with the Wayback Machine to avoid buying domain names with bad records.
It is recommended that you buy a domain name from abroad, because the domestic domain name must be filed, and the operation is more troublesome. Well-known foreign domain name service providers such as,, The domain names above are of good quality. It is recommended that everyone buy on namesilo, the price is relatively cheap, and also supports Alipay payment.

Google Search Console

Installing Google Search Console on your website is one of the basic requirements for SEO. It can help you detect the status and effectiveness of your site in search engines.

With Google Search Console, we can submit maps to speed up Google’s crawling of sites. View Google keywords to put in a variety of usage features such as ranking, click-through rate and external links.

Website speed

Website speed is one of the important factors in Google rankings. According to statistics, more than 50% of customers expect the site to be loaded in 2 seconds or less. If the time is more than 3 seconds and has not been loaded, they will decisively leave. We can use PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to detect the speed of the site.

Website speed optimization suggestions:

Optimize image size
Enable GZIP, Html compression, JS and CSS compression to reduce server response time
Choose a quality virtual host

Mobile friendliness

In 2019, the Google algorithm was updated to adopt a mobile-first indexing policy for new online sites. If you don’t have a website that is suitable for mobile users, your rankings and traffic will be affected.

We can use the free tools provided by Google to test the friendliness of the site mobile:

We have the following suggestions for improving the friendliness of the mobile site:

Avoid using pop-ups on your phone
Mobile site loading time is controlled within 6 seconds
Detect site rankings in mobile search results
Consider using AMP technology to increase the speed of your website.

Optimize website structure

A reasonable website structure is very important for foreign trade websites. Not only can it be convenient for users to find the desired content on the website, and increase the stay time. It can also help search engines more easily understand websites and build website indexes.

The usual site hierarchy is as follows:

Reasonable website hierarchy
Website hierarchy

At the same time, when designing the website architecture, we should consider the interactive design and user experience of the website to facilitate user access and search engine crawling.

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