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The impact of domain names on Google SEO

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As we all know, a domain name is the most basic logo of a website. All website content and traffic are linked to a specific domain name. A good domain name has a certain impact on the operation of SEO and the website, so that you can do more with less!
Next, the new Protestant how to choose a suitable good domain name!

Google SEO
Google SEO

Brand Principles for Domain Names (Large Companies)

For large companies, it is best to use a company name or brand name to do the domain name.
In order to protect your domain name brand in all aspects, it is best to register the relevant domain name to avoid being squatted by others. For example, if you have registered a .com domain name, you can register and protect .net, .cn, .net, etc. at the same time. You can even consider registering some similarly spelled domain names.

Keyword Principles for Domain Names (Small Companies)

For small companies, because of the small popularity, if you use the company name or brand name to do the domain name, such a domain name to do a good job, it will take a lot of effort, the effect is not necessarily good.
At this point, it is recommended to use the keywords of the main product to buy a domain name. The inclusion of keywords in a domain name not only allows the keyword rankings of the website to be ranked better, but also quickly gains the trust of the search engine.
Imagine that when you search for a keyword, if you find a keyword in a domain name (the search engine will give a bold display), do you think this site is more valuable, professional and trustworthy?

How to choose a domain name based on keywords?

Recommend everyone:, after entering the keyword, it will generate a series of related words and long tail words, and show the difficulty of competition, etc., we can appropriately filter according to needs.
(Note: If you can’t register with a brand name or keywords, you can try the brand name + main keyword.)

Domain name length

In general, the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to be remembered by the user. Think about yourself, when we need to enter a very long domain name, is it very likely that we will lose half of it?
A good domain name should be simple and easy to remember, easy to input, and have a certain meaning. It is best to remember at a glance, read clearly and pronounce clearly, and it is not easy to cause spelling mistakes.
Short and exquisite domain names are good for user memory and can improve the user experience of the website.

Domain name suffix selection
Domain name suffix selection

Domain name suffix selection

What kind of suffix can I register?
There are hundreds of domain name suffixes around the world, but not all suffixes can be registered.
The first thing to look at is whether this suffix is ​​open to the world. If not, even if you use false information or use the so-called “call” registration success, you are not the legal owner of this domain name, in the face of registry review, domain name dispute When you are dealing with domain name transactions, you will be in a very passive position.
Second, we must consider whether the politics of the country (region) is stable and whether the Internet policy is stable.

How to choose the right suffix?
1 Common and publicly open registered international common domain names are suffixed with .com, .net, .org, etc. If the domain name is not cybersquatted or for a specific reason, it is recommended to prefer .com. .com is the best recognized domain name in the domain name community, with a high reputation, the most popular on the Internet, has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!
In addition, although the suffix of .edu (educational institution).gov (government agency), search engines give a much higher weight. We also often see government websites that are not updated all the year round. Its ranking and weight are particularly high. The news is also a second, but ordinary users cannot apply for these “high-weight” domain names!
2 If the website service or product has a specific target market, you can register the geographic top-level domain name: the domain name suffixed by the domain name. For example, if the business is for the US market, you can choose the .us domain name; if you target Japan, you can end the suffix with .jp. (World domain name suffix table can refer to:
The use of geographical domain names makes the website an advantage in the regional rankings, which makes the positioning of the target customers more precise to a certain extent; and in the eyes of netizens in the target area, such websites are more credible and more intimate.

History of domain names

domain name
The sooner the domain name is registered, the better the ranking.
Buying an old domain name is good for later website rankings.

When the domain name was first included
In addition to the registration date, the time when the domain name was first included in the search engine is also very important. Some old domain names have not been parsed after registration, and no content has been included. In fact, it is not as good as the domain name of the content that was included very early.
Therefore, the earlier the domain name is first included, the more worthwhile the domain name is worth buying.

domain name trading history.
Has the domain name been changed since the registration? What was included before? Is there any association with sensitive content?
Be sure to keep your eyes open and don’t buy the surface “good”, but in fact, it has long been a violation of the rules and the search engine into the “Tianjie” can not turn the domain name.

Apply for an SSL certificate

The main function of the SSL certificate is to transmit information encryption and website identification. After the SSL certificate is installed, the information transmitted between the user and the server is encrypted. If someone intercepts the information, only a piece of garbled information is intercepted to ensure the information transmission. Safety;
When an SSL certificate is issued, the certificate authority will review the certificate applicant’s data, so once the certificate is issued, the page is true and valid. Users can easily identify the real identity of the website and prevent phishing websites from spoofing.
After the website implements https encrypted access by deploying SSL certificate, it not only increases the user trust and transaction volume of the website; but also facilitates the SEO optimization of the website, because in order to protect the privacy of users, Google prioritizes indexing HTTPS web pages.
How do I apply for an SSL certificate?
After you have purchased your domain name, you should apply for an SSL certificate in time. Currently, it is popular and reliable. Let’s Encrypt is free of SSL. Let’s Encrypt is compatible and supported by major browsers such as FireFox and Chrome.

Domain renewal

There is a saying that “the domain name price is not expensive, and the renewal fee is seen.” Therefore, when you buy a domain name, you must promptly consult the price of the domain renewal fee! Prevent domain name registrars from fooling customers with the guise of ultra-low-cost domain names. These domain names are basically very cheap in the first year. When the renewal fee is reached, it is found that the renewal price may be several times the first year.
In addition, be sure to pay attention to the timely renewal of the domain name:
Regular space domain registrars will contact you when the domain name expires, reminding you to renew your fee. So pay attention to timely update the contact information on the registrar side.
Now the domain name expires not immediately deleted, but into a protection period.

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