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Many types of websites inevitably need to use the content of the article to rank, as the seo industry personnel how to optimize the article is currently facing the problem that has been faced. How does seo optimize the article? The content of the content of the king has been out of date, the appropriate article content is the top priority of the work of white hat seo.

Many friends insist on writing original articles and find that the articles they write are ranked lower, and they can hardly bring actual traffic to the website. This is a common problem. Why is there such a conclusion? That is what our ordinary people think is the high-quality article content, which is contrary to the high-quality article content judged by the search engine. That is to say: the high quality content we think is worthless to the search engine. .

Through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion, from the perspective of seo to organize articles, from the search engine to determine the quality of the article to organize content, is a practical and valuable “content organization.”

How to optimize the content of the article from the perspective of seo?

One: Understand the several dimensions of the search engine to determine the quality content of the website.

The search engine has directly documented the articles with which seo elements are valuable in the form of official documents.

Second: pay attention to the article keyword frequency optimization.

The density of keywords, that is, the frequency of occurrence of keywords, will affect the ranking of relevant keywords in the current article, and many seo practitioners will not ignore this. The point to note is that the word frequency is not too high, that is, the density should not be too large. Many newcomers are seo, and the final result is that the object must be reversed. Many people who have contacted have committed this problem, and it is not a case and it is universal.

Three: keyword location optimization in the article.

Keyword density can affect keyword rankings, and location can also influence rankings, and can have a large impact. The core operating point of this point is to place important keywords in important places in the article. Seemingly simple operation, it seems that there are very few people who do well. Which locations are important locations? Typical has a title, the first paragraph, the beginning of each paragraph, a summary call, and so on.

Four: Do an article with user search.

Content that is searched by users is valuable. Original content without user search is worthless in the eyes of search engines.

Five: The title of the article corresponds to the content one by one.

Often the relevance we are talking about is that the title is the core embodiment of the content, and the content is a further elaboration of the title, which requires one-to-one title and content. It is also a seemingly simple question. Many people make mistakes. This optimization point is very core. It must be done and unconditionally complied.

Six: article content standard typesetting.

This is also to optimize the article from the perspective of seo, but also the inevitable requirement from the user’s point of view.

More considerations in typesetting and layout are the quality of the page, not the quality of the content itself.

One is that the main content should be placed in the main body, so that the user can see at a glance. To give a counterexample, there is not much content in it. It is assumed to be displayed in the form of pagination. This is the problem; suppose that in the homepage, the important location is the content of “contact us”, which is also a problem.

Second, there should be text recommendation around the main content, such as reading, recommended reading, random reading, popular reading and other surrounding information. The principle of doing this is also very well explained. More recommended content means that the probability of being clicked by the user is greater, which means increasing the user’s access time, reducing the bounce rate of the website, and increasing the PV of the user visiting the website. These user behaviors have a beneficial effect on improving and stabilizing keyword rankings.

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