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Ten strategies for corporate network marketing

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When making a corporate website, we often need to carry out online marketing promotion for the target website. In this process, generally, we usually refer to the following content.

So, what are the top ten basic strategies for online marketing?

(1) Web marketing-oriented corporate website construction and maintenance.

The construction of corporate website is directly related to the methods and effects of network marketing. Without a professional corporate website as the basis, the methods and effects of network marketing will be greatly restricted. Therefore, one of the basic means of network marketing strategies is to establish a network marketing orientation. Corporate website.

That is, it is guided by the internet marketing strategy, and provides support for the effective development of internet marketing from the overall site planning, content, service and functional design.

(2) Website promotion strategy.

The basic purpose of website promotion is to let more users understand the corporate website, and to increase the website traffic, enhance the brand image, promote sales, enhance customer relationships, and reduce customer service costs by visiting corporate website content and using website services. . Common methods include search engine marketing, online advertising, resource cooperation, information release, viral marketing, etc.

(3) Network brand strategy.

The content related to the construction of online brands includes professional corporate websites, domain names, search engine rankings, online advertising, etc., emails, member communities, and so on. Enhance word of mouth and brand!

(4) Information release strategy.

Information release requires certain information channel resources. These resources can be divided into internal resources and external resources. Internal resources include corporate websites, registered users’ email addresses, etc. External resources include search engines, supply and demand information release platforms, online advertising service resources, and cooperation Partners’ online marketing resources, etc. Mastering as many online marketing resources as possible, and fully understanding the characteristics of various online marketing resources, and transmitting as much valuable information as possible to potential users are the basis for good results in online marketing.

(5) Online promotion strategy.

Before e-commerce, which is marked by online sales, has not been popularized, online promotion, that is, providing support for overall sales, is one of the main functions of online marketing.

Online promotion effect is the comprehensive application of various online marketing methods. Online promotion effect is the combined effect of various online marketing activities, including website promotion, information release, internal website advertisements, mailing lists, online advertisements for large websites and professional websites, Email marketing, search engine marketing, Weibo event marketing, etc.

(6) Online sales strategy.

The realization of online sales includes the establishment of a complete online sales management system corporate website, and online sales through professional e-commerce platforms.

(7) Customer service strategy.

The main means of online services include FAQs, e-mails, online forms, instant messages, forums, etc .; among them, there are both information sorted out in advance for users to browse by themselves, and users ask questions for corporate answers.

(8) Customer relationship strategy.

Customer relationship is a result that is accompanied by customer service. Good customer service can bring stable customer relationship, so customer service strategy and customer relationship strategy are consistent.

(9) Online market research strategies.

The main implementation methods include online questionnaires established through corporate websites, questionnaires sent via email, and special surveys conducted in cooperation with large websites or professional market research institutions.

(10) Statistical analysis of website traffic.

The tracking and analysis of corporate website traffic not only helps to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing, but also provides a basis for finding problems. Website traffic statistics can be achieved by installing statistical software on the website itself, or commissioning Tripartite professional traffic statistics agency to complete.

The basic functions of online marketing are realized through various online marketing methods. The same function may require the combined effect of multiple online marketing methods, and the same online marketing method may be applicable to multiple online marketing functions. It is inappropriate to establish a one-to-one relationship between marketing functions and methods.

Therefore, for a specific network marketing strategy, multiple network marketing methods are often required to be implemented together. When we look at network marketing methods from the level of network marketing strategies, it is easier to understand the overall effect brought by network marketing methods. It also makes online marketing methods more effective.

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