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What does SEO website optimization do?

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As we all know, SEO website optimization is divided into on-site optimization and off-site optimization, and on-site optimization is the focus of SEO work. Doing site optimization can greatly increase user stickiness, and at the same time facilitate search engine crawling, thereby achieving the ultimate goal of increasing website traffic. So, what does SEO website optimization do? Mainly from the four aspects of code optimization, description optimization, path optimization and article update to do site optimization.

First, code optimization

Building a website is very easy these days, and anyone can quickly build their own website through a website building plan. After building our website, we need to optimize the code in the website. When building a website, we should try to use HTML + DIV format to build web pages. When writing code, you should try to simplify the format of the code and avoid using multiple applications, which will cause the path level to be too deep, which is very unfriendly to search engine crawling pages.

Describe optimization

  1. Title optimization. In general, in the description under the title, one or two keywords will also be included, which is the correlation between the web page and the keywords. The keyword appears in the title and description of the webpage, which indicates that the content of the webpage is related to the keyword, plus internal and external optimization of this website, so the search engine will give this website a good ranking and show us.
  2. Keywords deployment. Keywords are usually set to the words that the user will search for. After setting these words, we can improve the ranking of the webpage through optimization. Generally, the title contains keywords. If there are too many keywords, put the core keywords in. The density of the keywords in the article needs to be reasonable. It is not as high as possible, but too few are not acceptable. The appropriate density range should be 2% to 8%. The content should be illustrated in a graphic and textual manner. The title of the article should also include keywords. If we want to know the density of keywords in the article, we can use a third-party tool to query.
  3. Description. Description is a more concise description of a website. In the introduction, in addition to embedding your keywords, you should also add as much service information as possible, the characteristics of your website, and sufficient description content are qualified descriptions, rather than simply superimposing keywords.

Third, path optimization

Search engine search site crawling layers as much as possible three-layer path, this is a more friendly optimization path, because if your content page strength exceeds three layers, reaching four or five layers or even deeper, search engine crawl The fetching robot will be very difficult when crawling your website, and the crawling effect will be very unsatisfactory. The speed of website access will also affect the SEO optimization of the site, which will affect the user experience. The faster the webpage is opened, the more satisfied the user is. Improving the speed of website access is undoubtedly beneficial to the optimization of search engines.

Article update

The content of the website is also a focus of SEO optimization. After all, everyone is going to the content of the website. Articles are intended to be included, and users like to suggest that they are original. In addition to high-quality content, the layout of the paragraphs is also important. Updating the update of the article on the website is a protracted battle.

The main content of SEO site optimization is the above four points. Generally speaking, the space for promotion is relatively large. The most important task is the problem of keyword layout. If you do a good job of the title, keywords, and description of the website optimization, it will be half successful. Of course, the website The content is also very important. When you optimize your website, you still need to start from the perspective of meeting the needs of users. Only by providing valuable content that users need, you can do drainage and conversion.

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