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The DDOS attack is basically a problem that every Internet company will encounter, especially in the financial, gaming, e-commerce and other industries. It has always been the hardest hit area for DDOS attacks. Because the timing of DDoS attacks is unpredictable and unavoidable, they often As a result, problems such as online business shutdowns and trade secrets leaks can even severely force servers to shut down. As an Internet company, you must have a sense of hidden dangers. Do not wait until the attack occurs before you can make up for it. You should make various preparations in advance to protect the interests of the enterprise to the greatest extent and reduce the loss of your website.

Update systems and software patches in a timely manner: Because many website management do not understand technology, while the content is being built, they are not sensitive enough to system programs and rarely update, which results in greatly reduced server security. Once there are vulnerabilities, they can be easily used by hackers Launch an attack. Therefore, enterprises must regularly install the latest operating system and update software patches in time to achieve effective vulnerability defense.

Install professional firewall: The function of the firewall is to set up a barrier between the enterprise server and the external network. In this way, the traffic entering the server must be filtered by the firewall first, and some of the abnormal Malicious traffic is blocked.

Optimize server architecture: such as load balancing and distributed cluster defense. Load balancing can implement server equipment and bandwidth expansion on the existing network structure, while distributed cluster defense configures multiple IPs for each node server, and distributes attack pressure through real-time scheduling and failover node switching. Two methods can alleviate DDoS traffic Both attacks and CC attacks are effective.

Periodic system security scan: During the use of the enterprise server, it is necessary to regularly perform security checks to ensure server security, set standards and key services on non-default ports, and ensure that the firewall is at the optimal setting. In addition, deploy commercial-grade anti-malware and anti-virus engines and set up security scans through these engines once a week to prevent virus intrusion.

Choose a professional high-defense service product: DDOS attacks are like cold viruses. At present, there is no complete solution. The most effective way is to upgrade the bandwidth and strengthen the hardware resistance. However, as the scale and scope of DDoS attacks continue to increase, large amounts of bandwidth, hardware, and IP resources will need to be invested in the follow-up. It is usually difficult for a single enterprise to bear. In terms of protection strategy, professional technical guidance is also urgently needed. At this time, cloud security service providers are needed. Assistance.

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