How to choose website keywords

How to choose keywords in the website optimization process?

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When many companies are just beginning to promote, they will face the same problem: how to find keywords suitable for the website?

Today we will discuss some methods on how to choose keywords in a website. Let’s get started!

Keyword Tool

If you just expand by hand, the energy will be wasted without saying, and the expanded words may not be effective. Therefore, when expanding keywords, you need to use some common SEO keyword tools, such as Google Trends.

In particular, the Google Keyword Tool is more convenient in this regard. For any keyword, Google Tool lists at least dozens of related keywords. Then re-query with any of the words listed, and you can list dozens of other related keywords. Is it easy to expand hundreds or thousands of words in this way?

Google trends

Search suggestions

I don’t know if you pay attention to a phenomenon when you are searching. When you enter core keywords in the search box of Google, the search box will automatically display the related keywords. frame. Of course, some of the words in the drop-down search box are artificially brushed up, so you need to exclude these artificially brushed up words, because these words can not bring you too much traffic.

Related Searches

Related search, I believe that you often use it when searching, so you can use this resource when you are performing keyword expansion. Generally speaking, search suggestions and related search expansion words will appear in Google keywords, so why list them separately, because these two words are provided to help you quickly develop ideas. Method.

Expansion tools for other keywords

In addition to using Google tools for a long time, you can also use other extension tools for query. Many keyword expansion tools are available for a fee. Here I recommend an extension tool: word-tracking assistant. Just register and activate. The specific operation is not introduced here, and everyone will know when using it.

Website traffic analysis

Through relevant website statistics tools. You can check the existing traffic on the website. What keywords do users enter to search for the website? Webmasters often find some keywords that they have never thought of. Why can a user find a website by searching for these keywords? This shows that search engines think that these keywords have a relatively high relevance to your website. The author believes that it is entirely possible to use Google keywords to carry out deeper mining and generate more related words, which is also a good way to expand.

Crossword combination

List the keywords one by one in the previous seven methods, and then put them together, can you cross-combine them again? In this way, you can combine many words, such as Albania Samsung Phone Repair, Belarus Hotel Service evaluation and more. If hundreds of keywords have been found before, and then cross-combined with words, it is easy to generate thousands of expanded keywords. These long combination words may not be searched many times, but the number is huge, and the traffic they bring up is also considerable.

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