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What about SEO for corporate websites?

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Enterprise websites still have the largest proportion of web services, and most SEO practitioners are also distributed here.

Enterprise station optimization Most SEO staff’s daily work is mainly: publishing content—> external chain construction and then ending. In fact, the SEO work around the enterprise station is not limited to content and external links. From my many years of optimization experience, the SEO of the enterprise station can also be divided into the following steps: data statistics and analysis-> keyword mining and layout-> site structure optimization- > SEO content construction-> SEO external chain construction, why is it so divided? Please see the specific decomposition!

Data Statistics and Analysis

    Some people say that the analysis of enterprise data is relatively small and it is not necessary to analyze it. In fact, I personally think that the analysis of enterprise station data is also necessary. The daily work of enterprise SEO can be summarized as follows: keyword mining and layout, content construction around keywords, structural adjustment within the site, and SEO external chain construction, but every step of our operations will affect our SEO results. In addition, SEO itself is An accumulation process, in which a lot of data will be generated.

    What are the main analysis of SEO data analysis of enterprise stations? Analysis of corporate station data I personally recommend starting with the following: website log data, Baidu webmaster platform data, Baidu statistics data, website internal link data, website external link data, etc. Why analyze these data, including the use of these data, and how to guide the development of SEO work based on the data will be explained in detail in the next sharing. I will share the analysis value of each data one by one. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention!

    Keyword mining and layout

    Keywords are the basic elements of user search. Researching keywords is actually researching users’ search behavior. If you want to optimize the corporate site, keyword mining and layout are also very important. However, at present, many Party B service companies in the market are obviously not enough to only arrange keywords provided by customers, which is also a very important factor that leads to poor SEO results. Although the keywords on the corporate site are much weaker than the keyword vocabulary of large websites, the majority of user search terms in their industry can be quickly covered by our professional mining methods. Would be of great help.

    The significance of key mining and layout

    1. Maximize user search coverage. General business station optimization mainly optimizes some high-index search terms, which are also the words that customers generally think can bring consultation and conversion. In fact, a high index ≠ high traffic, and no traffic means no consultation and conversion. Keyword mining is mainly to help us find the search habits of the vast majority of users in the industry, and to select keywords based on user search habits.
    2. Establish keyword thesaurus and industry knowledge structure. The significance of the proposed keyword lexicon lies in two aspects: to facilitate the subsequent SEO content construction around keywords, and to understand the industry knowledge structure.

     SEO content construction

    Above we have mentioned that the basis of SEO content construction is to write based on keywords. How to write specific SEO content? At present, I mainly use the pseudo-original method in operating the enterprise station project. How to do it? Methods as below:
    1. The first and last paragraphs are original. Generally, the first and last paragraphs are valued by search engine spiders, so it is best to be original here. Generally, the first paragraph is about 120 words, and the tail can be slightly less.
    2. Each article is no less than 600 words, and search engine spiders below 600 words may consider it an invalid article.
    3. Every article should be accompanied by pictures as much as possible. Do not bring watermarks in pictures!
    4. Conditionally, after each article is published, the program can actively submit the connection to the Google search to improve the content collection and crawling efficiency!
    A follow-up article will be dedicated to this article! Welcome everyone’s continued attention …

    SEO external chain construction

    Useful external links or useless external links? I personally think it is very important for external links, especially for corporate websites. Why do you say that? Because a large site has a large amount of content through various aggregate pages, optimizing the navigation page can help the site gather a very strong weight. Because small sites lack content, they cannot learn large-scale sites for large-scale aggregate page construction and navigation page construction. It is not possible to get very strong weights through site optimization. Then the external chain construction becomes particularly important for small sites. So how do small sites build external links? Here we simply share two directions: exchange of friends, purchase of external chains.

However, Google does not approve of the use of paid links by users, and strongly resists such language.

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