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Can research keywords really do search engine optimization?

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It’s easy for newbies to make the mistake of jumping into an area, skipping research on competitors, and planning targeted keywords before starting a site. In fact, this will lead to two results, one is the optimization of keyword ranking is always not up, the other is a good ranking but no traffic.

When we do competitive research, the first step in SEO optimization is to identify the right keywords, which is essential. Competition research includes competitor research, website diagnosis and keyword research, among which keyword research is very important.

So why do keyword research?

People without the concept of SEO will first target the company name or their own product name as the keyword. However, when a business or website has no brand awareness, there is no user to search for the name of the company or website. Product names do not contain generic names and are not usually found.

The choice of site keywords cannot be taken for granted. Only through the keyword research, can have the user to carry on the search, the word that nobody searches can have no any value to carry on the optimization.

The first step in determining the right keywords is to make sure that Internet users have reached a certain number of levels of search. If you are making the wrong choice in the direction, it is a disastrous effect on website seo.

However, there are also many times when there is not enough real search for common words in industries where there is a lot of searching. For example, the word “SEO” has thousands of indexes, but this could be a new direction for site administrators to study the word “SEO” instead of being interested in SEO services.

Can research keywords really do search engine optimization

Ranking and traffic are not our ultimate goals. The real goal is the change in effective traffic. Even if the company is strong enough to put the popular idiom first, it is not necessarily a good input-output ratio.

Traffic itself is not necessarily an asset, but it is also a waste of broadband resources. Customer service is pointless. Only valid traffic that can be converted is an asset. The purpose of keyword research is to find target keywords with high accuracy and high potential conversion rate.

Yellow and black combined seo

Look for keywords with search volume, not to put the target keywords in the hot and search volume of keywords, but also consider whether there is strength to sit up.

Do keyword research in order to find more search times, but at the same time the keyword is difficult, site optimization is willing to achieve good results in a certain budget and cycle.

Spending money on goals you don’t want to achieve is a waste of time, energy, and budget.

As the Internet search experience continues to enrich, netizens know little, and it is not easy to find the desired results for ordinary words. And the more specific the search, the longer the word effect, the better. Some netizens even searched for a sentence directly.

SEOER must know that in addition to searching for industry and general terms, web users search for more specific terms and times to determine the core keywords for the site.

With limited personal thought and changing user needs, they search for unexpected keywords. SEOER often has unexpected findings in query keyword development tools, or in site traffic analysis. Using keyword mining tools, you can find many words that you don’t want to search for, but are being searched by Internet users. In the process, we often find common or obvious trending themes and modifiers, and one way to find new opportunities and expand sources of content is to combine, split, integrate, and even add new columns.

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