How to do Google seo optimization?

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How to do Google seo optimization?

Google algorithm is constantly updated and changed, and the factors that affect the ranking include website content, external links, website click through rate, website framework, etc. Google’s huge page views and influence make it a competitive place for online marketers!

Currently, the Google search engine is increasingly focused on the customer experience of the website, rather than just opportunism, secretly hiding hidden keywords in the source code and software mass chain for SEO. There are no shortcuts to SEO, SEO means we have to work with Google to improve the user experience of the website. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, many sellers know the benefits of SEO, but don’t have to start from scratch out of fear, SEO don’t have to wait half a year every month to see what to do.

First, SEO is the choice of key words, because all the SEO work is around these selected keyword to do, a word usually takes three steps, namely – the final sorting keywords for keywords to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the data to screen, you can use the analysis of some key words such as machine tools, such as key plan choice words selected when the search volume is not too big, the competition of the word is too much, these words usually make Google Adwords ads in an appropriate manner, also not the appropriate choice of search volume is too low, these words can do easily, but the effect is not very good, Because the customer flow is not big enough.

Here are a few caveats:

1. Exclude single word, big word, wide range, no optimization value;

2. Exclude brand words, generally do not use company abbreviations or product nouns for optimization, the website has no certain popularity, and the search volume for such words is very low;

3. Refer to keywords of competitors’ websites;

4. Put the word in the search bar of the Google browser, with a drop-down menu, proving that someone searched for this type of word and could keep it;

5. If most of the search results of Google are baidu encyclopedia reviews, articles and big brand enterprises, it shows that the commercial value of the word is not high, or the word is too big to be used by big companies, basically there is no need to do this kind of word;

6. Usually, the search results are some competitors, indicating that the competitors have also done this word, and there is a certain amount of search and value to be done. Secondly, there are few big brand enterprises, which indicates that the word competition is not so fierce, nor is it too difficult to do.

Second, after the completion of word selection, you can start to do SEO work, search engine optimization work needs to do for a long time, which is why many people can not insist on doing SEO work, SEO work inseparable from: external chain, do internal chain, update website information, send soft text a few basic work. The main functions of optimization are as follows:

(1) improve the exposure rate of websites and pages included by Google

(2) do a lot of high quality, high ranking of external links, help to improve the ranking of keywords.

(3) the ultimate goal is to increase traffic and increase the number of queries or orders

Specific measures are as follows:

1. Update the website information, you can use the website news system release the latest information, can be a industry information, also can be your company’s information, you can use the GoogleAnalytics, analysis tools, analysis tools such as analysis tool, to help you analyze on the website of various kinds of data source, the user to enter the keywords, how much is the residence time, browse what content, some pages jump frequency is high. This data can greatly help you improve the content of your website. For example, if you find that the product page contains special content, can you consider whether the product description is attractive enough to customers, and can you consider reediting and modifying the product description? The high jump rate is high.

2. High quality external chain is still very important, such as collecting industry websites, BBS, blog, platform to publish your content introduction or soft text, keywords, please note that don’t clever stack, the format of the design in advance already contains general business information, such as address, telephone number, and product information, so that the readers with soft text writing, rather than simply perform rankings. High quality copy and design is the best way to attract your audience, and also to help you improve your ranking. Publish this page, the website will have keywords, the page can be published by Google, if users can search in Google keywords, you can search this page to guide your website.

3. If customers search for your products on the industry website forum blog platform, they can also directly find you on the forum blog platform. The role of the publishing chain is to give your site a high PH value, which increases the ranking of keywords.

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